We develop technology and teach you to make

As a global FabLab we collaborate with designers and makers to encourage the local building of machines and products. Our machinery is custom modified for fabrication and use in remote locations in developing countries as we are located in rural India.

Most designs can be modified for human power or renewable energy operation (wind/solar/microhydro).

Machines available for sale (fully or partially)

  • Idefix grinder for plastic processing
  • Shredder Pro from Precious Plastic
  • Vertical wall mounted Filament Extruder
  • Vertical extruder for 3D printing using recycled plastic
  • Manual Press for plastic sheet production (1.5m x 1.5m) using air jack
  • Manual Press for small plastic sheets (.5m x .5m) using car jack
  • Manual Press for door production (1m x 1.8m) using two truck jacks
  • Brick Oven for sheet fabrication (use lpg or biogas for burners)
  • Solar powered manual injection moulding machine (built by high schoolers)