This is a Proof of Concept for a radically simple house printing experience, which is entirely browser based, and can be run on a mobile phone. The end-user can simply describe in words the house they want, visualize it with a 3D rendering, and when satisified, ask for it to be printed. Thanks to ChatGPT, we managed to create this POC in a one and a half day hackathon whose participants knew nothing about 3D printing before.

This is a demo of creating a simple prompt to specify a room (in actual practice, we would have a more complete prompt including doors, windows, wall taper, etc.)

Here we query the LLM and show the model code received from it. Currently LLMs are unable to generate correct 3D models, so for the demo we need to load a default local model instead. We expect this will be solved in the near future, either by LLMs or a text-to-3dModel neural net.

From LLM Local

The model is rendered here (in the final app, this will be an interactive render that allows one to view the room from all angles).


and once confirmed, the printer instructions can be generated

G-Code {{ gCodeMessage }}

In a fully refined application, the user experience would be much simpler, with no need to show the model generated STL code, or the G-Code, and perhaps not even the detailed prompt.