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The Wind Turbines produced by MinVayu  are especially designed to operate efficiently in the lower windspeed ranges that are common in most regions where turbines can be useful for village power.


MinVayu is located in one such place north of Pondicherry, in the town of Auroville, where there is a need for wind energy but a lack of high winds, therefore this turbine was developed with the idea of being capable of operating in such a space.




Blade size (diameter)



Rated power at 10m/s



Turbines vary in power according to the size of the blades – MinVayu makes two sizes of turbines.

See “System Sizing” for how much power this will produce at different wind speeds.

When you read this table – you can see that:

  • The wind turbine is rated at 10m/s, and you won’t get this speed much of the time.
  • European and US turbines are often rated at 13m/s. Since power is related to the cube of the wind speed, 30% extra wind speed generates double the power. In other words – if these turbines were rated in the US or Europe it would be about 700W and 1600W.

MinVayu’s systems are designed to be installed and maintained by our Village Partners. These are village mechanics & entrepreneurs, trained how to properly design and install a wind and solar hybrid renewable energy system at MinVayu's workshops.


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