A wind home system consists of the following parts:

  • Wind Turbine – to generate energy
  • Tower – to raise the turbine above obstacles
  • Battery Bank – to store energy for lulls in the wind
  • Charge Controller – to charge the batteries.
  • Inverter – optional, to run AC appliances

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The Wind Turbines produced by MinVayu  are especially designed to operate efficiently in the lower windspeed ranges that are common in most regions where turbines can be useful for village power.

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Wind turbines need good exposure to the wind to generate lots of power. This means getting away from and above obstacles such as trees and buildings.  The higher you go, the more wind you will have. Towers can easily cost the same or more than the cost of the turbine, and taller ones are more expensive.  So there is a balance between a tall expensive tower and a short tower that generates less power.

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Selecting the right turbine for your application is simple when you know how much energy you are consuming. The main message is to be efficient with your use of energy and in particular: use the most efficient appliances; and turn them off when not in use. This is cheaper than getting a bigger turbine & batteries & Inverters to power old appliances and bad habits. Your MinVayu trained & certified Village Partner can help you with this.

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