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Written by Jorge Ayarza   
Thursday, 08 March 2012 00:00

Our next workshop will be August 8 to the 15th where we will build a 350W, 1,8m turbine that will be installed in Saracon, Business Incubator based in Auroville, India.  The unique feature of this installation is the innovative use of a ginpole which helps the turbine lift itself off the ground plus a special anchor system that allows the installation to be done in a forested area.  The turbine is 20m high allowing it to surpass the height of the tree tops and is installed in the corner of the property.  In addition the tower will use a special blend of guy wires and building anchoring making it a "hybrid" tower design that uses the building as anchor for some guy wires, but prevents the vibrating tower to affect the building structure.  This is a great workshop for architects with interest in turbines for suburban areas.

During the workshop, the participants will learn the basics of renewable energy. Learn how to perform the calculations to size wind turbines, and determine optimum tower height etc, and get some hands on experience building parts of a wind turbine.


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