Two of MinVayu's wind turbines survive Cyclone Thane Print
Written by Mitra Ardron   
Tuesday, 03 January 2012 15:39

cyclone weather map Cyclone Thane made a direct landing in Auroville, South India uprooting 70% of the trees of the area. Many roofs failed, most crops were destroyed. Amazingly one of our trainees decided to install their 800W turbine DURING the storm and the system actually survived the direct hit.

Ravi is a very skilled carpenter who has been learning how to build turbines and unbeknown to MinVayu he installed the turbine the night the Cyclone arrived. His father, with pride, mentioned that Ravi had to go to the roof to reinforce with sand bags the temporary arrangement. He said "it was shaking a bit". In addition a smaller system of 350W installed on a 15m lattice tower in Nadakuppam village (about 50km north of Auroville) also survived the storm and in fact helped the village recharge cell phone batteries and kept the lights on. The village remained without power for several days.

MinVayu does not recommend the installation of systems in a storm and in fact we prefer the systems are lowered or protected during a Cyclone or Hurricane, but these successes are a testament to the resilience of the system, and the importance of backup power.