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Generation 1 turbineMinVayu will meet the need for power in Indian villages by training, supplying and supporting rural mechanics to build, install and maintain low cost wind turbines.

MinVayu consists of affordable small wind turbines, and training programs for village mechanics, manufacturers and trainers.


MinVayu allows access to wind-powered electricity to be scaled to a significant proportion of India’s 98 million rural dwellers that have wind, but don’t have reliable electricity.

Small wind systems are typically too expensive for rural India. With high prices, high import duties, and a requirement for skilled personnel to install & maintain them, they are typically only used for high-value situations such as cell phone towers.

MinVayu will initially use an existing open-source wind turbine that can be locally manufactured. After about a year it will replace this with a design optimised for small scale and low winds.

Village mechanics will be trained to identify suitable sites, build turbines, and install and maintain them. MinVayu will provide the marketing and other support that helps village entrepreneurs build a business.

About ⅓ of India’s 600,000, mostly un-powered villages have suitable wind speeds, for small wind power to be effective. About 98 million people live in these villages.

MinVayu’s turbines are anticipated to cost Village Mechanics about Rs 23,000 (350 USD) to build for a 350 Watt machine.  With economies of scale these costs can be lowered so the sale price of the turbine could be of similar value enabling small wind to be roughly equivalent to current solar PV costs (about 1USD/watt) The smallest turbine at 100W in size has a manufacturing cost of Rs 8,000 while the largest turbine we manufacture is 2.5kW in size with a sale price of Rs. 1,3 Lak.  Even in northern Tamil Nadu which has poor wind and lots of sun, MinVayu wind turbines will be competitive to solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. In many cases PV and Wind are complementary as for example some seasons are windy, and others sunny.

Jorge Ayarza, the founder of Minvayu, has experience building the Latin America dealer network for Southwest wind power, and worked with UNDP in China on the largest rural electrification project in the world.

MinVayu believes that by offering training programs to engineers, entrepreneurs and village mechanics in the construction of these turbines will enable the technology to be further developed in India.

Currently MinVayu is testing High Voltage alternators for direct waterpumping systems, avoiding inverters and battery banks as well as developing lighter and lower cost turbine designs which will help lower the cost of the technology.  We are looking for open minded individuals that can contribute financially and in kind with their expertise.  We are designing a MPPT controller as well as a data logging platform using Arduino circuits.  Get in touch with us for more information!


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