Generation II – generator

The Scoraig generator has a number of weaknesses, and needs redesign for the downwind design.


The new design:

  • has 220V/110V three-phase windings, allowing it to directly drive a typical water pump.
  • uses less magnetic material, significantly reducing costs
  • has good heat dissipation allowing control without the use of a “dump-load”.
  • Has zero cogging to allow startup at low speeds.

MinVayu has software “Maxwell3d” for designing electrical motors/generators.

Using existing components  – in particular the slotted steel laminates –would significantly reduce development time and cost. The first step (in progress) will be to determine what parts  are available in India, (probably in existing motor designs).

The firms supplying these components may also be able to design the generator.

Skills required in order of preference:

  1. Electrical vehicle motor engineer.
  2. Electrical Motor / generator engineer
  3. Electrical Engineer

Probably about a week’s work to

  • build the model (1 day)
  • analyse the results of running the model in Maxwell3D, and making adjustments (4 days)
  • detailed 3D design – casing; heat-dissipation; bearings; (3-4 days).
  • Run Finite Element Analysis for stress etc (1 day for Mechanical Engineer)
  • Build prototype (3 weeks – to be done in India).

Jorge will manage this project directly with the engineer.



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