Generation II – system modelling & blade design

Modelling the Down-Wind turbine will be needed to optimise blade and turbine design.

A “Down-wind” turbine sheds wind by the wings bending, these wings have various oscillation frequencies, depending on the wind.  It is critical that this frequency does not match a resonance of the tower, or catastrophic failure can occur.

  • There is software designed to analyse this called “Bladed”.
    • Bladed includes a generic model for a turbine very similar to MinVayu’s
    • If Bladed isn’t available, the more generic, and probably more easily obtained “Ansys” could be used.
    • A model of the turbine & blades has been partially built in Solidworks
  • The tower analysis will need re-running for the new turbine.
  • Will need to optimise the blade, which can be done in the  same software.

The choices of skills to achieve this – in priority order – would be:

  1. A wind turbine engineer
  2. An aerodynamics engineer
  3. Fluid dynamics engineer
  4. Mechanical engineer with experience in 3D modelling in CAD & Ansys.

Time estimate:

  • 3-5 days to tweak the model of the body.
  • 1-2 days to tweak the model of the blade
  • 1 day to model the hub
  • Then 1-5 days to analyse the steel strength etc depending on the level of expertise.

This could be an ideal partnership between a younger model-maker & a more experienced mechanical engineer to direct the tweaking.

Jorge Ayarza will manage this project directly with the relevant engineer(s).


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