Charge Controller & Inverter

A controller that combines control of turbine; battery charging; and an inverter is required to improve costs & reliability.

High quality off the shelf charge controllers are unnecessarily expensive, with the price reflecting a lot of embedded intellectual property in the design, rather than expensive components. In addition, most practical installations include: a charge controller; an inverter; and one or more “power bricks” to convert the power back to ~5V for mobile phone charging.

A new controller will be designed that:

  • supports high-voltage three-phase input.
  • supports hybrid wind/solar installation
  • supports unreliable grid connections for charging only (i.e. this will not feed power TO the grid).
  • has outputs at: 110V or 240V; 5V; 12V
  • supports either dump (resistive) loads, or generator shorting in high winds
  • has data capture to allow for analysis of failures
  • is modular to allow easy design changes for unforseen situations.
  • Can potentially be open-sourced/humanitarian licensed to allow others to modify and improve it.

Ideal skills would be

  1. Electrical Engineer with charge controller and inverter experience. Est 1 week work.
  2. Any electrical engineer with power electronics experience. Est 3 weeks work.

Note that the charge controller/inverter will need to be designed for a rugged tropical environment, for example to prevent moisture and access by pests, while dissipating heat.

A specification for this project has been drawn up separately by Mitra Ardron & Jorge Ayarza in consultation with others, and Mitra is working on some suggestions for a generic modular design.

Mitra will manage this project directly with the EE.



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