Scoraig - Blades

The Scoraig machines wooden blades need redesigning for higher quality fiber-glass production.


The blades in the Pigott machine are made from wood, while a highly skilled carpenter can make a set of three in 1.5 days, typically a mechanic will take twice this time, and is likely to run into quality issues, both in the quality of wood available, and the workmanship of its complex shape.

MinVayu will move to a larger blade, more appropriate for low wind conditions, for example the standard 350W design would normally use a 1.8 meter blade, but this will be increased to ~2.5 meters.

A fibreglass blade will be designed, and first wooden and then aluminium moulds made.  While this will not reduce the cost, it will substantially increase the reliability and controllability of the process. These blades will be made in a village close to MinVayu’s headquarters, providing local employment.

This could be a (simple) project for Pondicherry University, or students from Engineers Without Borders or Reallocate. Jorge will manage it directly with the engineer or team.

Estimate 5 days for Jorge


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