Scoraig - improved generator

The generator in the Scoraig design has poor heat dissipation, making it prone to burning out, and requiring an external resistive "dump" load.

The generator in the Pigott machine consists of three parts. A rotating set of magnets encased in resin; stationery hand-wound coils embedded in a mix of resin & talcum powder inside a fibreglass shell and a rotating steel plate that completes the magnetic circuit.  This design has advantages in its efficiency at low speeds, and in that it can be manufactured by hand. However, it is time consuming to wind by hand, and has poor heat conductivity. With the significant increases in the cost of magnets, it is no longer the most cost-effective solution.

In the short term, adjustments to the existing generator design will be made to improve heat dissipation – for example with an aluminium ring;

Jorge can do this himself, including getting moulds made for the aluminium, and the improvements may already have been made by another user of the Scoraig design.

The improved generator will probably be designed to be manufactured by MinVayu's Manufacturing Partners and shipped to the Village Partners.


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