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Village Partners are usually village mechanics, electricians or entrepreneurs, and are trained and certified by MinVayu in the sale, design, installation & maintenance of hybrid, wind and solar home systems.

The training program includes several week long trainings in order to gain expertise.  If a potential partner has already been trained in renewable energy equipment – such as Solar – he or she can be certified more quickly than someone who is just starting out.

Training will cover all aspects of completing a high quality wind turbine installation including:

  • basic electric installation, sizing of cables, batteries, inverters etc
  • how to choose efficient appliances
  • how to educate customers on living with wind and solar power
  • how to site towers and safely assemble equipment, including working with welding sub-contractors.
  • How to market & sell renewable systems in your area.
  • Regular maintenance of turbines
  • How to trouble-shoot problems, and when to send parts back for repair.
  • Trainees will weld and assemble towers during the course, so that you will know whether a sub-contractor is doing a good job or not.
  • Learning the best practices in the industry.

We will not be training partners how to be mechanics, welders, or electricians, you will either need these skills already, or know someone locally you can sub-contract to, or work with.


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