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Generation 1 turbineMinVayu will meet the need for power in Indian villages by training, supplying and supporting rural mechanics to build, install and maintain low cost wind turbines.

MinVayu consists of affordable small wind turbines, and training programs for village mechanics, manufacturers and trainers.

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The Wind Turbines produced by MinVayu  are especially designed to operate efficiently in the lower windspeed ranges that are common in most regions where turbines can be useful for village power.

A typical system consists of a turbine; a tower to raise it above trees and other obstacles; a battery bank to store power; and electronics to tie it all together.


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MinVayu’s aim is to increase local self-reliance by training village mechanics and entrepreneurs that wish to become certified Village Partners, who will learn how to design, install and maintain wind home systems and run their own business serving the villages in their area.

Some of our more advanced Village Partners can take further workshops and become certified regional trainers – training other Village Partners in collaboration with MinVayu.

MinVayu will also train a few entrepreneurs in selected regions to be certified to manufacture components for the turbines and assemble completed turbines regionally, and support nearby Village Partners in repairing turbines.

All of partners are supported by MinVayu’s head-office in Auroville.


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MinVayu needs to supply an affordable wind turbine that can be installed and maintained by village mechanics.

MinVayu's initial product will be based on the open-source Scoraig design, which will be incrementally improved to make it more suitable to rural India.

In parallel MinVayu is mobilising pro-bono engineering to develop a low-cost turbine optimised for small scale, and low winds. It needs volunteers with skills in a variety of engineering skills including 3D modelliing; structural analysis; aerodynamics or fluid-dynamics; mechanical; power electronics; etc.



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